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I am not a chef, I am just a very hungry guy, therefore I cook!

I cook for myself and the pleasure that gives me to eat the things I like the most... the things from Tuscany and its surrounding regions.

I cook for my daughters and my wife: to feed my kids right, and to possibly get laid at least twice a week.

I cook for my Mother, that taught me most of the things I now about Tuscan Food.

I cook for my Grandmother, who taught my Mother.

I cook for my Father, that one day put me in front of the fireplace and told me: "Let's make dinner"!

I cook for my brother, the very first person I ever cooked for.

I cook for all the people that know how to eat well, or want to know how to do it better, The Tuscan Way .

I cook to keep traditions alive, and because my kitchen is the warmest place in my house... if you exclude my bedroom, at least twice a week.

I was lucky enough to find the woman of my dreams and breed with her.

I was lucky enough have the opportunity to turn my passion for cooking into a real job.

I am a visionary and a romantic, and to me Tuscan Recipes are a part of my country's history.

I blog because "writing history" to me sounds much better than "opening a restaurant".

Now I have to go do 3rd grade homework, then give my girls a bath and after that it will be time time for dinner! Thankfully tonight we are having leftovers!

Tonight it's Wednesday, and I might get laid.

(I write music, play the drums, take pictures, print my own t-shirts, grow vegetables, clean dishes, play with Barbie... and I ride real hard my second wife "Berta", my Italian motorbike!)

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Posted 01/06/2015

Seared Hanger Stake with Almond Sage Pesto

I almost never sear or grill meat in my kitchen, mostly just because I do not like to clean afterwards! Do not get me wrong (and you should know by now), I absolutely need meat to survive; it has to be of good quality and always cooked to perfection, possibly on a wood fire.

My favorite cuts though are usually thick and fatty, hence the sizzling fat-splashing-mess that this pieces of meat would produce if tossed into a pan over the stove. Since I am the only man in the house, and the girls like their meat but not at a “cave-man-like” level like their dad, I often have to compromise and ask my butcher for leaner cuts that I know would please everybody at dinner time. Continue Reading…


Posted 01/05/2015

Eggplant Bruschetta with Shaved Pecorino

There is nothing better than the Holidays to teach us that being prepared ahead of a party is one of the true secrets of entertainment at home, especially when your menu is demanding or if many people are going to crash your pad!

In our home, regardless of the season, bruschetta is always a safe go-to-item to quench hunger in a simple, healthy and quick way. The simplicity of this traditional food item makes it ideal for any occasion, and combination of flavors are basically endless: cheeses, cold cuts, seared vegetables, and very often leftovers from the fridge.  Continue Reading…


Posted 10/15/2014

Anise Shortbread with Coffee Glaze

Fall is finally here, and as much as we so love the flavors that define summer, we also thoroughly enjoy the way that starting to bake more than usual marks our calendar every year. Kids are back in school, the wardrobes have been switched, and as the days get shorter and all colors around are changing, it is absolutely  comforting having a few dozen warm cookies cooling off on a kitchen rack.

Continue Reading…


Posted 10/02/2014

The Tuscan Gun – Dinner Series in Brooklyn – Round #02

Damn I am tired! These past two weeks have been a real grinder, but oh we had so much fun. I want to thank fans and friends that visited us in the small space we rented for the first round of dinners. Some of you came for very far away, and truly left me speechless because of your love and excitement… in all honesty, I did not expect all this to explode the way it did. An opportunity to meet and dine together has transformed itself into some sort of pilgrimage to Brooklyn: who drove from Orlando (yes, Florida) to come celebrate their Wedding Anniversary, who flew from Atalanta (I know you had milage and flew for free, but still!) and who decided to favor the train while coming from upstate NY or Philadelphia, so they could enjoy all the food and the wine without worries! To all of you, THANK YOU!!!  Continue Reading…


Posted 09/02/2014

SOLD OUT – Extra Virgin Cook Book \ Pop Up Dinners in Brooklyn – SOLD OUT

It has been a long summer. The girls and I have returned from Italy a couple of weeks ago; we finished shooting the 5th Season of Extra Virgin and we also enjoyed a few glorious days of vacation with friends and family.

We have returned ready to hit it hard. Debi has a new TV series that will start shooting this September, we are getting ready to film an Extra Virgin Thanksgiving Special episode for Cooking Channel and the New York Wine and Food Festival is quickly approaching. Continue Reading…


Posted 07/25/2014

Coffee Cream Tart

We are right now having a blast in Fiesole, shooting the 5th season of Extra Virgin. The girls are running through the fields chasing hares and pheasants, Debi is obsessively buying table cloths, dishes and whatever else she “feels” our little Pink House needs, and uncle Robert has been dividing his time between befriending our local construction workers (especially the ones wearing tank tops) and walking through town in search of a wet-shave. Continue Reading…


Posted 07/08/2014

Speck and Mustard Green Pizza

Pizza is the perfect template for being creative with food. You can pretty much put anything you want on the dough, sweet or savory, bake it and at the very least it won’t be bad and it’s always a lot of fun. To make it really good, however, can be a little trickier.

Continue Reading…


Posted 06/28/2014

Porcini Carpaccio

Porcini mushrooms are truly a gift of nature, and a blessing for anybody with a passion for food. Leonardo Da Vinci is quoted saying that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”; nothing could be more true about this wonderful ingredient.

The following recipe for the carpaccio is extremely quick and easy, and in its incredible simplicity will deliver the pure flavor of the Earth to your palate.


Posted 06/20/2014

Coffee Gelato

Gelato in Italy is an ubiquitous food item; every city has a “best Gelateria in town”, every region has its very own specialty flavors, and every home has always leftover gelato in their kitchen freezer. Gelato is a very democratic food item; it pleases kids and adults at the same time, it can be anything from an afternoon snack on a cone (I like mine topped with whipped cream), to a high cuisine dessert, or like in this case it can be a simple family project to be enjoyed on a hot summer evening.

Continue Reading…


Posted 05/23/2014

Wood Fired Breakfast Pizza

Unlike most of the recipes that have been passed down through my family for generations, this one came to me one day like a spark of genius here in Los Angeles. Whenever we cook out and have a party with friends we light up the pizza oven. Getting it up to temperature, however, takes quite a few hours and usually involves hearing complaints from my girls because they are hungry and don’t want to wait until later for pizza when the guests arrive. The result is this breakfast pizza. Continue Reading…

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