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I grew up with music, and for all my life it has been probably the only constant art form I have embraced completely in its fullness and its different expressions. My father was a professional musician, and while my friends at school (I am talking elementary here) were humming music from popular TV cartoons, I used to devour his collection of tapes, and occasionally scratch his vinyls! My heroes when I was about 7 or 8 years old were David Bowie, The Electric Light Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, Traffic (John Barleycorn Must Die was the tape I used to fall asleep with), The Cream, The Beatles and Elton John… before he started composing music for Disney Movies. My friends could not figure out what was wrong with me, I could care less, I was the only one that not even in my pre-teens was considered a music dinosaur, and needless to say my music choices really did not help catching the attention of girls… again, I really did not care much.

I started studying piano, and my house was already a little museum of 60′s keyboards; I used to practice on a Schultz and Pollman half coda piano, and always performed at school shows, sometimes with the help of my father, occasionally he would let me try his Hammond B3 organ or even better his Wurlitzer Electric Piano… shit, I still remember the pressure of learning songs from The Beatles that I would perform four hands with Dad in front of all my school mates (again, girls included), it was so hard to keep up, being that my dad was (is) a Surgeon and a Jew, and therefore very close to God in terms of personality… I remember it as if it was yesterday!

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