We’ve received a lot of emails, letters and personal inquiries regarding our “Olive Oil Beauty Line, ” and believe us we are just as anxious to bring it to you as you are to get your hands on it. We don’t have a set date for release, but we can guarantee you that when it supposed to happen it will and it will be soon. We here at Under the Tuscan Gun strongly believe in fate. Just like our Cooking Channel show, “Extra Virgin,” was naturally birthed from the hard work and passion we put into Under the Tuscan Gun, similarly our new olive oil based beauty products will materialize when they are good and ready. They have been a labor of love thrown into our very hectic lives, and each and every day we continue to work hard on bringing them to yours.

Oddly enough, we didn’t go looking to create a beauty line. But it also didn’t just happen. It’s been a product of nature for both Deb and myself. For me, born to a long history of farmers and growing up among the olive fields in Italy, I can easily say olive oil is in my blood. I can still remember the days spent picking fresh olives off the trees when I was a young kid, and later that evening enjoying the purest olive oil freshly pressed and drizzled over everything from antipasti to gelato. Today, as a food purist and enthusiast I try to incorporate that same “extra virgin” olive oil into the daily aspects of my cooking. For Deb, a Hollywood actress and former make up artist turned food lover, looking glamorous is in her blood and the idea of using olive oil on her face came as natural as pouring it over her pasta. Now that same farm back in Fiesole houses a small operation that is working with Debi to hand craft a boutique line of olive oil based products. And after enjoying the creams for well over a year, Deb’s skin has never looked so smooth, fresh and vital.

So what’s the hold up? Well, if you’ve watched any of the episodes of Extra Virgin from this season, you know we’ve been very busy. Busy launching, promoting and now wrapping Season 2 of the show, working on growing and expanding Under the Tuscan Gun to bring you a website that not only entertains but informs and helps bring the Tuscan lifestyle to your homes everyday and of course, busy living our lives raising two young girls and spending time with each other.

Right now, we are at the final stages of production for our first three (maybe four) Olive Oil Beauty Products. We have been working with the company in Fiesole for over a year now, making each cream special to us, finalizing packaging, picking the name, graphics and mock ups and we are delighted with the results. An all natural, high quality product that represents Under the Tuscan Gun’s mission to not only put quality ingredients in our body, but now on your body. Our creams are no exception. The olives are grown on the family farm in a 100% organic environment, which means no pesticides, no antibiotics, no hormones and no GMO plants are used. On top of that, after being cold pressed within the first 24 hours from being picked, the remainings are totally recycled… the whole factory is powered by you guessed it – olives or olive pits, which we call “Nocciolino.” The high caloric content of the olive pits keep the machines running all year round. 
The following video is a behind the scenes preview of the process that goes into making these beauty creams.  We wanted you to get a sneak peek so that you can appreciate the care and the poetry that goes into the production of our line, the beautiful country it all comes from, and what Debi and I are doing to make it available here in the US. And yes, we are also taking the necessary steps to bring our Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your kitchen as well! There’s the saying all things worth having are worth waiting for, the same applies here, so for now, just sit back, relax and take a step into the fields of Italy.

Body Cream – nutritious treatment ideal for use after a bath for a smooth, toned, moisturized and supple body
Hand Cream – against dry and reddened hands, it protects the skin from aggressive cleaning and atmospheric agents
Body Scrub – Crushed olive stones for a delicate exfoliation process to regenerate and smooth out the skin

The Extra-Virgin Organic Olive Oil from “Fattoria I Bosconi”
Comes from the hills of Fiesole, near Florence, where atmospheric condition and the soil are ideal for the cultivation of olive trees. Our Oil is cultivated according to the most rigorous, certified rules of organic agriculture that exclude the use of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or any other chemical substance. Essential production methods safeguard health and environment. Olives are cold pressed within 24 hours of being picked. It is only this way that the very low acidity levels characteristic of our extra-virgin olive oil can be obtained, without altering the balsamic tones, which is what makes it unique.

For The Skin
The cosmetic virtues of olive oil were already known in ancient Egypt: a papyrus tells us of how feminine beauty was entrusted with this “Gift of God” used as an anti-wrinkle cream. The Greeksand Romans rubbed it into their scalps after bathing to moisture and protect them: well-to-do people would always carry a vial of perfumed oil with them. The vital force of extra-virgin olive oil is found in the richness of anti-oxidant substances and free anti-radicals, responsible for cell aging. Vitamin EOrtodiphenylsPhytosterolsTocopherols and Squalene (also present in human sebum) allow olive oil to simultaneously carry out all the fundamental functions needed to keep our skin fresh and young overtime: it is an exceptional moisturizers, it has a lenitive, protective and healing properties and above all it effectively slows down skin aging. It also absorbsUVA rays, protecting the skin from sun irritation. Also in olive leaves there is a hidden treasure of lenitive and anti-oxidant substances such as Oleuropein.

A Gift to Our Health
In our diet it has a fundamental role as a “method” for the prevention of illness. In fact, many of the substances present in its “seasonable” parts have pharmacological properties, capable of therapeutic activity in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, in particular arteriosclerosis and various cardiopathic ischemias in senescence and also in tumors. The dietetic superiority of extra-virgin olive oil also comes from the high content of monosaturated fatty acids that help keep cholesterol levels down. This then helps fight the excess of cholesterol due to animal fats, helping to increase the levels of HDL, the so-called “good cholesterol”. Galenprescribed it as a remedy for “stomach-ache”. Hippocrates advised it to be used against ulcers.Pliny the Elder well knew that “olive oil chases away all ills” when he listed a long series of therapies that used all the different parts of the olive plant.

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