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Posted 01/04/2012

Ribollita (Stale Bread and Vegetables Soup)

Aside from the stale bread, the main ingredient for Ribollita is “Cavolo Nero”, which gets translated into black cabbage. The closest vegetable to the Italian variety (about 3 ft. tall) is Lacinato Kale, which is very similar in color and texture, but lacks the size Italians are accustomed to…
Ribollita is a dish that gets better while it sits, and can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days (no freezer for this one); Therefore the amount of ingredients that we will give you for this recipe will be enough for a soup that can either feed a small army, be an appetizer for 40, or just sit in the fridge for a few days while the whole family nibbles at it. Continue Reading…


Posted 10/11/2010

Peppers and Potatoes Stew: Peperonata Di Patate

This is the fantastic hunter’s stew. It’s somewhat of a winter dish because it is served warm, and the texture is very juicy. It requires a lot of cooking, it’s one of those dishes that Grandma puts on the stove to simmer. The smell of peperonata makes me think of rainy November/December days spend with my Grandma with foggy windows and good smells. It brings memories back.


Posted 09/30/2008

Minestrone (Organic Vegetable Soup)

I personally never used a pressure cooker until the day I met Deb!
My mom used it quite often, but the pot she had always seemed to me very scary and unapproachable; you had to close it with a knob placed on top of the lid, and the valve was to it what a security pin is to a hand grenade. It used to scream whistles, twirl around and shake very fast…no pattern, absolutely random. All of us always expected to see those few ounces of metal pop out of the lid and fly to the moon, right trough the roof of the house.
I was allowed to use any kind of knife, but not that technological embarrassment that our cooker was. So, I never dared, until a few years ago, when Deb taught me how to cook her favorite pee soup, using a definitely better pot. Continue Reading…


Posted 02/01/2008

Pasta e Fagioli

After a few weeks of traveling, and featuring guests,
Debi and I are finally back in Los Angeles, between the stove and the camera…very happy feeling.
Today we are unveiling you the secret of another very ancient and traditional dish: Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta in a thick Bean Soup).
Again, as we never will get tired telling you, this is another family recipe, everybody in Tuscany cooks it in their house, and there are a lot of variations. Continue Reading…

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