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I grew up with music, and for all my life it has been probably the only constant art form I have embraced completely in its fullness and its different expressions. My father was a professional musician, and while my friends at school (I am talking elementary here) were humming music from popular TV cartoons, I used to devour his collection of tapes, and occasionally scratch his vinyls! My heroes when I was about 7 or 8 years old were David Bowie, The Electric Light Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, Traffic (John Barleycorn Must Die was the tape I used to fall asleep with), The Cream, The Beatles and Elton John… before he started composing music for Disney Movies. My friends could not figure out what was wrong with me, I could care less, I was the only one that not even in my pre-teens was considered a music dinosaur, and needless to say my music choices really did not help catching the attention of girls… again, I really did not care much.

I started studying piano, and my house was already a little museum of 60′s keyboards; I used to practice on a Schultz and Pollman half coda piano, and always performed at school shows, sometimes with the help of my father, occasionally he would let me try his Hammond B3 organ or even better his Wurlitzer Electric Piano… shit, I still remember the pressure of learning songs from The Beatles that I would perform four hands with Dad in front of all my school mates (again, girls included), it was so hard to keep up, being that my dad was (is) a Surgeon and a Jew, and therefore very close to God in terms of personality… I remember it as if it was yesterday!

Then I entered puberty, and I had to make a choice in order to keep up with the times, and possibly earn my first kiss from a girl I had my first crush on: Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet?!? A real dilemma. I went with Spandau, and I switched my attention from piano to saxophone, I was already dreaming to be on stage, dancing around with my golden instrument and captivating the crowds. Little that I knew though, I was in High-School… rebellion time, and all of the sudden I was dreaming of Utopia and Anarchy.I became some sort of Metal Banger, much to my father’s dismay; nobody in the house could stand my new music choices, only Renato, my grandfather used to have the patience (or pity?!?) to sit down with me and listen to my new Iron Maiden LPs, while staring at the monstrous cover design… I am thankful at least he could not understand a word of what was sung, otherwise I would have lost him too! In those years I studied electric bass!

Then I finally grew up, started Medical School and fell in love with Jazz and World Music. I was attending the University within the Army, training to become a Surgeon soon to be shipped abroad to perform my duties… Then one day, as I was getting close to my final two years of study, I started paying attention to my friends and colleagues that were  packing their gear and departing on their first missions: Kosovo, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq. I freaked out! It was not about the War Factor, nor the fact that I was getting very close to leave the comfort zone of my life in Italy. You see, I have always been a terrible romantic and what really bothered me the most was the fact that I wanted a woman and a family in my life, way more that I wanted to become a traveling doctor. I have been looking at all the families of the different Generals that assumed command of my Academy through the six years I attended, and I could not get over the sadness that each one, without exclusion, of their family members had in their eyes, kids especially… shipped every year from town to town, following their father. No close friends, no familiar environment, always surrounded by army professionals, devoted to their country, yes, but also to their testosterone, their uniform, their ambition, and very often to their far right political views!

I quit! Never done it before, always have been really loyal to my choices, always stood by them! I went to my father, in tears, and finally I grabbed the bull by the horns: “Dad, I am not like you, I am not going to be a doctor, I am quitting… and I am leaving Florence!”

After being discharged from the army, and paid them back the monetary investment hay had done on me during the previous years, I sold my bike and I went to Brazil. I spent six month studying drumming in Rio de Janeiro and then Salvador Bahia, and my life changed. I discovered I could help people feel better using music as a medium… no need for blood… well, not true if I take in account the Candomble ceremonies that involved animal sacrifices, but at least it was not war. That experience changed my life, I went back to Italy and I started performing a teaching, finally music was all I needed; all of it came back, along with happiness and inner peace.

A year later I was in La Habana – Cuba, where I had the amazing opportunity to study with the historical Pancho Quinto (God bless his soul). The day I met him he looked at me and told me: “If I decide to teach you what I know you are mine! There’s no whores or beach outings on the weekend, you are mine every single day, as long as you are in the city!”.

I spent six months living in small room in the heart of the city, and never saw a grain of sand, or a palm tree! I cherish those moments to this day, they have made me who I am today, musically and personally. The days were spent studying with Pancho and all his Rumberos friends, and recording his lessons, the nights we either went to see his friends perform or I locked myself in my room transcribing the lesson of the day. The weekends were devoted to his religion (which by the way I did not embrace), we moved from home to home, performing Santeria Ceremonies, drumming and drinking Rum.

Since then, up to the day I met Deb, I have been performing, touring, recording and teaching world drumming, it has lasted about fifteen years, before I arrived to Hollywood, where music is more a business than an art form… and a business in not real healthy conditions. You know the rest, I started reproducing and cooking up a storm, and I again found myself… this time in front of a stove! Cooking is now to me a sum of everything I have done in my life, it is a necessary art that I embraced, and it helped me conquer the woman of my dreams and raise two beautiful daughters. In all this music plays every day a gigantic role in everything I do, it helps me keep the rhythm… I always need a soundtrack, no matter what I do! And the fact that my daughters fall asleep every night listening to the CDs I make for them, and not Sesame Street lullabies warms my heart!

Now that you know about my music history, let’s talk about the results!

I am very proud to introduce you to BOSCONI RECORDS, a recording label that was born between Berlin and Florence about a year ago, by hand of my youngest brother Fabio, whom music path has bit a bit different than mine… Eventually you’ll get to know him, as with this inaugural post we start bringing to the US our catalog and our roster of artists. Fabio is a DJ, he is always on the road, spinning in great clubs in all major cities, from Berlin to London, from Milan and Rome to Mexico City and Paris. Our music styles are very different, but we are always collaborating on different projects, as I have always been fond of electronic music… at least well done electronic music!

Our catalogue is growing steadily and our digital distribution has allowed DJs from all over the world to entertain their crowds with our tracks and the ones released by the other artists we house in our label. I am currently recording and co-producing the soon to be released first mini LP of BOSSA TOSCANA, the band that has written many of the cues you hear on our TV show ExtraVirgin, which most likely will be released under our label, but in the meantime I wanted to gift all our readers with a first free download, a fantastic DJ set performed by Fabio this past summer in Mexico City!

Many of the songs you will hear are from our artists and a couple of them have actually been produced and recorded by Fabio’s personal band, MINIMONO.

We will be releasing free downloads at least once a month, and we look forward to hear what you think about it, our hope is to create enough traction to finally bring our Artists to the US for their first cross-oceanic Tour!

NOW, Get Your Groove On, it’s time to dance!

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