After Dinner Beers, Anyone?

Sometimes it’s not about what you’re drinking with the food but rather what what you’re drinking when relaxing after the meal. Yes, you can have Scotch or Cognac and probably be satisfied, but I’m here to show you how diverse beer can be. It really is quite the enjoyable after-dinner drink!

Imagine you just finished a great meal. Say you just finished a bowl of Cozze Alla Tarantina (Gabriele had invited you over for dinner). You’re feeling all warm and “Cozze”, right? It’s still a little chilly outside and what you need is a nice beer to relax and enjoy some good conversation. Well, I have the perfect beer for you. Pull out your snifters and share a can of Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. That’s right! I said “CAN”! Oskar Blues cans all of their beers, but make no mistake that this is not the swill that you may be used to seeing from a can. This is a fabulous beer that will make all of your senses jump. Sweet chocolate and caramel with hints of vanilla and licorice luxuriously coat your mouth while a nice alcoholic nibble at your palate warms your soul! You will thank me for this recommendation. Guaranteed!

Oh no you didn’t! Really? Wow, Congratulations! Spending all afternoon preparing and cooking that Porchetta dish was certainly ambitious. I’m glad your guests enjoyed it so much. And that was a genius move when you sent your wife to the liquor store to pick up some Delirium Nocturnum for after the meal. Besides the fun name and conversation piece the bottle offers, this Belgian Strong Ale is perfect for sipping into the evening. Rich cocoa meets a wonderful balance of dark cherry and soft apple fruitiness while the yeast and texture provide an experience you’ll want to keep repeating.

You’ve been longing to share that last six pack of Victory Old Horizontal Barleywine that you stowed away in 2010, right? Just needed the moment. Great Idea! The NHL playoffs with a few buddies! That game later should be awesome. But a couple of your pals are bringing their wives and you want to impress them with some food while not spending hours in the kitchen. Nice. You found a White Bean and Rosemary Crostini recipe to serve early evening. Sounds delicious! Of course you know the reward later is the beer. Sweet with caramel yet bitter with orange citrus. Creamy and spicy all rolled into one amazing sipper. Flyers Win!

Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite After Dinner Beers!