Easter Beer Hunt

My church is having an enormous Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday. In fact, they are having two. After each service, they will have an egg hunt with an iPod Touch as the grand prize in each one. If you live in or are visiting the Miramar, FL area, consider this your invitation from me.

That got me thinking about a different kind of Easter hunt for Sunday afternoon. Forget the eggs! For this hunt, you’ll be trying to find the hidden beers! I picked a few that I feel are appropriate for the day.

Let’s start with The Bruery’s Saison de Lente. Lent is of course the period of penitence that many Christians observe which comes to an end with Easter’s arrival. And the brewery really outdid themselves with this gem. Awesome fruity flavors meet some tangy zing and yeasty complexities. Quite the refreshing beer to share with your pals. Be sure to hide it well, too, as the uninvited neighbors would also appreciate a glass themselves.

Next beer to put on your list–Avery Salvation, a Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale. Salvation is deliverance from sin, made possible by the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. This beer is so delicious! Delicate peaches and pears marry a nicely spicy elixir that will leave you wanting for more. The excellent carbonation accentuates and enhances the entire experience. A must for Easter!


Russian River Redemption Blonde Ale should make your beer hunters happy campers. Similar to Salvation, Redemption means saving from sin, a major tenet associated with Easter. This flavorful beer offers excellent fruity refreshment in every sip. Apples and citrus with some lightly hoppy spiciness should make for an excellent pre-dinner drink that even the non-beer drinkers will adore.

What would Easter be without Saint Somewhere’s Lectio Divina? You know, Divine Reading to learn more about God’s Word? I will say that studying the Bible while drinking a glass of this beer might be the best idea I’ve had in a while. Wonderful sweet fruity flavors have their day in the sun before a great tang and light sourness take over. Prickly carbonation, creamy texture and a little alcohol kick round out a terrific experience.


Finally, I asked Gabriele what beers he and Debi might like to find should they be able to show up for the beer hunt. Apparently Debi isn’t really a beer drinker but has a Corona once in while. Sorry, no Corona in my hunt! I refuse to buy that crap. LOL. Gabriele told me he has an affection for Moretti, another beer I will never buy. I think it’s a Heineken product. However, Gabriele did have a nice backup beer. He said New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ale is his current favorite. Toasted bread and light caramel sweetness are balanced by a nice hoppiness in this easy drinking favorite. If it is distributed where you live, you should always have a six pack in your fridge. And the bike on the label will remind you to exercise after celebrating Easter.

So what do you think about the Easter Beer Hunt? Yeah, me too! A new tradition is born!