Halloween Party Beers

Halloween time! You’re planning a party and want some dark-side or costume-themed beers to serve? Well, I’ve got just the recommendations for you.

Let’s start with a classic costume, the Super Hero. Who can resist the cape, right? Well Clown Shoes Brewing delivered their Supa Hero IPA for just such an occasion. Captain M, illustrated on the label, has the super power to protect beer! My kind of guy. This IPA is bitter, full of spice and pine and has a really nice bite. A great start for the evening.

Want something a little more adventurous? How about trying something that is not a beer at all? I’m talking about B. Nektar’s Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser, a fantastic mead. Sweet yet tart with some acidic cider-like qualities. Juicy and very flavorful. And of course how can you have a Halloween party without some signs of zombies and the apocalypse? For sure you will have some of those “I don’t like beer” friends with no open mind, and this is what you should serve them.


Time to take this up to a new level! How about DuClaw Brewing’s Devil’s Milk, a barleywine that really attacks your taste buds.  Let’s start with the name. No doubt there will be lots of devils at your party. But it would take a really creative guest to dress like the fallen angel depicted on the label. Let me know if you have anyone like that show up. Personally, the best I ever did was the Budweiser Frogs with an ex-girlfriend. Pretty ironic considering how shitty Bud is. Sweet and malty with a rush of hoppy pine and spice all brought out with an alcoholic kick that would be hard to forget.

Not convinced any of these are right for your party? How about a beer that will make you wish you were in hell? Yep, I’m talking about Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killah, a beer made with the hottest chilies on the planet. Honestly, the beer is a gimmick and novelty, but you no doubt have friends that brag that they can eat the hottest food everywhere. This one will make them cry, singe nostril hairs, and if they are so unfortunate to rub their eyes after touching a drop… Skulls and fire adorning the label are perfect for the occasion. Beware!

Finally, a PSA. Drive safely. Better yet, have a designated driver or take your guest’s keys and have them spend the night! As usual, let me know how epic your party was.