Ides of March: Shakespeare’s Beer

Beware the Ides of March! Can’t say the soothsayer didn’t try to warn JC. (No, not that JC! I’m talking about Julius Caesar, though the Romans did actually crucify Jesus too.) I wonder if the soothsayer was thinking “told ya so” later on in that play. I bet Shakespeare probably had that in one of his earlier drafts, but it just missed the final cut.

Anyway, for this March 15, I decided to pick a few of the key players from Julius Caesar and let you know what beer they’d be drinking if alive today. I chose Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus and the Soothsayer. I would have picked more but I don’t think you’re really paying attention anyway.

Julius Caesar, Roman General and Statesman. I chose a most awesome beer for Julius to drink. From Avery Brewing’s “Dictator Series”, I chose The Maharaja Imperial IPA. This is one of the most outstanding beers on the market. Powerful pine and citrus bitterness, yet with an even-handed, “stately” fruity orange balance. Spicy and tangy, a delicious brew fit for even Caesar!

Marcus Brutus, Roman Politician and Assassin. Founder’s Devil Dancer is a Triple IPA. It is extremely bitter and spicy, a hop bomb if ever there was one. The alcohol really ramps things up as well. Flavorful but not balanced, and a total winner if you’ve trained your palate for the hoppy moment that awaits you. Brutus is definitely a Devil Dancer kind of guy!

Soothsayer, Pretty Good Predictor. Goose Island Night Stalker offers a luxurious chocolate malty base, but it’s the sneaky little vanilla and licorice tips that make this so special. The alcohol delivers a nice warmth and enhances the delicious flavors offered by this beer. Magnificent.

So you know how the saying goes. When in Rome… But I am positive these guys would be drinking these particular beers. And you should copy each of them! Watch your back today!