Welcome Home to Brooklyn: Local Beers Await

Welcome home, Gabriele and family. Can’t wait to see the next season of Extra Virgin!

Now that you’re back and living in Brooklyn, I thought I’d make a few local beer suggestions to chill out with. I’d of course start with a beer or three from The Brooklyn Brewery. As an aside, you should try to eventually meet the Brewmaster there, Garrett Oliver, if you haven’t already. He is an expert at pairing beers with food, which of course fits in nicely with you being a professional chef. Anyway, back to the beers.

In previous articles here, I’ve suggested Brooklyn’s fabulous Sorachi Ace and luscious Black Chocolate Stout, so I’ll have to find something different this time. Hmmm.

Yep. I choose Brooklyn Local 1, a fabulous Belgian-style Strong Saison. The brewery recommends pairing this beer with seafood pastas, salmon, shrimp, ham, Thai food, or triple crème cheeses. Personally, I love it just by itself, paired with some good company. Nice fruity flavors meet some tartness and distinct yeast flavors. Some spiciness and creamy fine carbonation make for a wonderful experience. It’s packaged in wine-sized bottles, so don’t forget to look on those shelves when searching for this great beer.

The second beer I’d recommend for Gabriele (and all of you–you do understand that right?) is Sixpoint Resin, one I’ve never even tried myself. But I have lots of friends, and I trust their cumulative and entirely ravishing judgment on this beer. In fact, my boy Handcancel (not sure if that’s the cool hip-hoppy way to introduce Brooklyn beatmakers) did a guest post on my site a few months back. Go check him out!

One day I will have this beer. If you are a lover of all that is hoppy and bitter, this seems to be a hometown Brooklyn favorite. Look for a boxed 4-pack of cans. And don’t let the fact that it’s in a can fool you–this is real craft beer. DO pour it into a glass before enjoying it!

Let me know what you think of these two beers. Later.