Branzino Al Cartoccio

Branzino is one of the first fishes I ever caught when fishing with my dad. My dad and I would spend the whole day fishing, scuba diving and catching fish and then we would clean our catch right on the boat with our feet dangling in the water. When we got to shore we would collect wood, scraps and whatever we could find, start a fire and roast them right there on the spot. It was my first and best lesson in sustainability and the circle of life. This preparation is perfect not only for the Branzino but for many, many Mediterranean fishes that are not too big in size.


Prep Time: 10 mins/ Cook Time: 30 mins/ Serves: 6

2 fresh Branzino, scaled, cleaned and gutted, and washed (2 1/2 pounds each)
2 small handfuls baby arugula
1 small bulb fennel, sliced
2 lemons, sliced (1 reserved for garnish)
Olive Oil
1/4 cup White wine
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat grill to medium high heat.


Season each fish with salt and pepper and place each on a double rectangle of aluminum foil. Divide the arugula, fennel, lemon slices between each fish. Season the outside of the fish with salt and pepper. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and splash each with some white wine. Enclose the fish with the foil, making a packet. Wrap the fish 1 more time with foil.


Place fish on grill and cook for 25-30 minutes.


Remove skin, fillet the fish from the bones and serve on a platter with extra lemons, arugula, and fennel for garnish. Squeeze a little lemon juice on top of the fish, just enough to taste.