Looking for an Excuse to Wear Your Costume?

So you’ve got your Big Bird costume and your hand-lettered “Will Work for Food” sign. Or you’re a redhead who’s going to hang loaves of bread from his clothes and be the Gingerbread Man. All dressed up and no place to go? Why not throw a different kind of Halloween party?

Instead of serving witches’ brew and dragon’s blood punch, tell each of your guests to bring two bottles of wine of the same wine. Stock up on plenty of paper bags because you will be officiating over a blind taste test. The guest who brings the most popular bottle of wine wins everyone else’s second bottle.

Better yet, pick a theme and limit your guests to one varietal. Say, zinfandel. Here are some seasonally appropriate bottles to get you started:

7 Deadly Zins     Rage     Anarchy     Brazin     Twisted     Predator     Ghost Pines

If you really can’t forgo pasta for one meal, serve some cold spaghetti tossed with peeled grapes and tell everyone it’s eyeballs and brains. At least that’s what we used to do on Halloween.