Radicchio and Taleggio Pizza Roll

This is a kid friendly appetizer that has veggies, cheese and a crispy dough!

I think we could cook it with any vegetable; Spinach, Chard, Dandelion Greens… I like them all, and you will too!

I do not necessarily think that this is an Italian dish, because this could be cooked all around the world. I would call this more a European dish. I would not be surprised if I went to France and found one. You can experiment with all different cheeses like Brie, Cheddar, Blue Cheese and so much more… you could also try mixing different kinds of cheese together.

I think it is like a craft. In a way it is. In crafts you  use your imagination to create things you like. You can color a fairy red and you can die dough red. You can give her a wand. Just like you can put things you choose in your pizza roll!

Now I bet we are both hungry!

HERE you can find our recipe for the perfect PIZZA DOUGH. For this recipe we only used two balls of dough, you can put the rest in plastic bags and freeze them. Or you can use more ingredients and cook it all, if you’re really hungry.

One day maybe I will experiment with a different veggie or cheese! I like the idea of  Brie and Spinach! MMM-MMM! NOW! Time to go cook! Ciao!

p.s. Babbo likes to also use herbs like Parsley, Thyme or Nipitella, but me and my sister prefer it without!


Prep Time: 30 min / Cooking Time: 15-20 min / Serves: 8

2 balls of Pizza Dough
1/2 head of Radicchio salad
1/2 lb of Taleggio cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Preheat the oven to 375º


Cut the crust off the cheese and then chop it in small cubes.


Remove the leaves on the outside of the head of radicchio, then cut the head in half.


With a long knife slice half of the radicchio very thin, and put the other half in the fridge.


Sprinkle some flour on the kitchen counter or on a marble table (if you have it) and start rolling the pizza dough.


Roll the dough in the shape of a rounded rectangle, make it as long as you can. You can use your hands to help you stretch it, but do not pull too hard or the dough could brake.


Lay the radicchio and the cheese all along the center of the dough, season with some salt and pepper and roll it closed. My babbo said "Imagine you are stuffing a sock...". It worked!


At home we have a pizza stone that we always keep in the oven because we make bread almost every day, but if you do not have one babbo says you can use a baking sheet like the ones we make cookies on.


Cut a piece of parchment paper as big as the pizza stone or the baking sheet, sprinkle some flour on it and put the pizza roll on it. We had to bend our rolls because the pizza stone was not long enough!


Use a brush to rub the rolls with olive oil and then put them in the oven. Cook them until they look like breadsticks, crispy and yellow gold.


When they are ready take them out of the oven and put them on a cutting board to cool off for a few minutes, then use a bread knife to slice them. Me and Giulia like to eat them warm and not too hot. This is a great recipe that I like to have when my friends come over, or in the evening before dinner when babbo and mamma are making dinner and I am finishing my homework.