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In 1947 Great Grandfather Chimici purchased a farming estate named “I Bosconi”, located about 5 miles North-East of Florence, in the heart of Tuscany.The farm thrived for about three decades, then started slowly succumbing to the more industrial approach of other estates. After Nonno Chimici’s death, the property has been slowly regressing to a semi- wild 150 acres Olive Tree Orchard.The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced every year has been maintaining the property ever since.

The Fattoria Bosconi Estate also produced wine that was sold locally, but in 1985 a severe snowstorm and a very cold winter irreparably damaged the grapes, and after two years spent trying to reverse the bad luck, the vineyard was finally dismantled.The Production at the time was of about 11.000 bottles a year.

In the past decade the Chianti region limits were extended to the Fiesole area as well, giving us the inspiration of rolling back our sleeves and apply for an acreage extension on our current wine production license.

The Estates currently presses Olives from the approximately 8000 plants that grow on the property, however we intend to increase the number of plans by at least 2/3 (trying to reach 11.000). We are also talking to a few neighbor farms about joining forces and opening a consortium for the export of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Wine.

A big role in the re-invention of the Bosconi Estate, will be played by the extreme natural but yet technological and avangardistic approach in the exploitation of our resources. To start the process of renovation and conversion of the Estate Debi is already recycling our Olives into Beauty and Health Products; we already passed the sample production phase and we are talking to retailers… Stay tuned, they will be soon on a shelf near you!

Debi and Gabriele

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