Dental Health Insurance

Dental Health Insurance

Similar to health insurance, dental insurance plans vary widely with different premiums, plans, and benefits. Finding the right dental plan for you can significantly save the user’s coverage and out-of-pocket- expenses.

The following are the most common designs that dental insurance for your oral health can fall under:

Directed Reimbursement programs

This program reimburse patients a fixed percentage of the total amount spent for dental care, regardless of the treatment type and category. This allows patients the freedom of going to the dentist of their choice.


Usual, Customary & Responsible (UCR)

This dental plan also allows patients to go to the dentist of their choice. This plan pays for a fixed percentage of the dentists’ fee and other co pay type of expenses.  Although these limits are called “customary,” they may or may not accurately reflect the fees that area dentists charge. There is wide fluctuation and lack of government regulation on how a plan determines the “customary” fee level.


Table or Schedule of Allowance

Table or Schedule of Allowance dental programs provides a list of covered services or treatments with a specific assigned dollar amount. This fixed amount represents how much the plan will pay for regardless of the fee charged by the dentist. The difference between the allowed charge and the dentist’s fee will be covered by the patient.


Capitation Programs

This dental plan pays contracted dentists a fixed amount in the form of a monthly premium. The dentists then agrees to offer specific types of treatments to the patients at no extra charge.


Where Can I get Dental Insurance Today?

If your job or current insurance provider does not provide dental insurance you have the options of finding other plans on such websites as where 1 in 3 health care plans include a dental plan for children. These premiums for children are substantially cheaper than the premiums of adults.  Other plans offer an add on option of dental insurance to their plan. If you qualify, Medicaid expansion is another accessible dental care for low-income adults.