A Dream Foodie Travel Adventure? Piedmont October 2012

Now everyone knows about the latest fashion to vacation with compassion. Socially and environmentally conscious ecotourism, sustainable travel, volunteering breaks and variations thereof are changing how we spend our precious time off abroad by helping us raise our own awareness of global issues and by making those breaks count.

If you live for food, I would bet that you take every opportunity to find out more about what it takes to produce wholesome, healthy and authentic produce. More than that, to learn about how local food systems are being threatened by our global industrial agriculture.  If this sounds like you, then the upcoming Food Sovereignty Tour to Italy is possibly your dream foodie travel adventure.

Between the 16th and 24th October, the tour will take its guests to the stunning region of Piedmont. There, whilst being surrounded from three sides by the snowy Alps, the visitors will experience sustainable, biodiversity-focused agriculture in one of the most micro-climatically diverse places in Europe.


According to Food Sovereignty Tours:

“While traveling in the Italian countryside, you will stay in farmer-owned guesthouses (agriturismos), giving you a feel for rural life in the region. You will also visit Slow Food headquarters in the small town of Bra to learn about Slow Food’s work helping small farmers conserve their local food and farm diversity”.

Some of the incredible tour highlights include:

  • A visit to the Valli Unite Cooperative in Costa Vescovado (est. 1981) which produces wine, grain and vegetables and markets directly to consumers on and off farm
  • A hike to the 13th century abbey “Santa Maria di Vezzolano” an important landmark in architectural and agricultural history.
  • Meeting with Sivia Ceriani, director of Slow Food Magazine and editor of Italian-language translations of Food First books  (Food Rebellions and Food Movements Unite)
  • Bread-baking or cheese-making workshop at Frutto Permesso Cooperative in Bibiana
  • And many more.

The bottom line is, Food Sovereignty tours take tourism to a whole new level: beyond incredible connection to food and agriculture and sustainability to the realm of education and awareness building to inspire action and positive change.

What makes this particular tour highly unique and incredibly exciting is its timing. You will be visiting the area in time to attend Slow Food’s “Terra Madre” (mother earth) Conference that takes place between Oct. 24 – 29, 2012 in nearby Torino.

Organised every two years, Terra Madre promises to engage its delegates in challenging debate, to sample incredible local produce and interact with farmers and ordinary people from poorer countries to exchange stories, ideas and realise our interconnectivity.

Heralded as the Mecca for conscious eaters, cooks and spectators the world over, this is a pilgrimage not to be missed.

Food Sovereignty Tours are organised by Food First: the Institute for Food and Development Policy, which “analyzes the root causes of global hunger, poverty, and ecological degradation and develops solutions in partnership with movements working for social change.”

Food sovereignty is a term coined by a global social movement of peasant farmers called La Via Campensina. In its most basic form it means the right of people to decide for themselves what they grow and eat and how they choose to do so. To find out more, see La Via Campensina and/or their Food Sovereignty definition link.

The cost of the tout is $2,700 (not including international airfare, see the sample itinerary). You can register for the Italy trip here and for more information either visit the Food Sovereignty Tours Website or contact Tanya at tkerssen@foodfirst.org

Registration for Terra Madre is separate and needs to be organised independently.