Boost Your Gardening Confidence with Easy Flowers and Vegetables

Growing your own food and flowers in your own yard, patio or deck is easy, fun and rewarding. Forget about any failures you’ve had in the past, those were just learning experiences you had to go through. I’m here to tell you that you can garden and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Try some simple vegetables and plants from seed to boost your gardening confidence. Here are some veggies and flowers you can grow easily from seed, the best part is that they’re easy to find and don’t cost a lot of money per-pack to buy.



To grow these vegetables and flowers you don’t need a lot of land or space. For example, Mesclun is just a mix of young salad leaves and can be grown in containers that are six or more inches deep. You can grow it in small places like your windowsill or along your balcony. Don’t forget about the flowers while you‘re planning your personal vegetable farm. Flowers aren’t just for decoration they serve and important part in building a healthy garden. Some of them, like nasturtiums, can be eaten. The flowers of the nasturtium can be added to salads, soups or used as garnish. The leaves are peppery and add a kick to plain salads and sandwiches. Grow a number of easy annuals to not only beautify your small vegetable garden, but to attract beneficial insects. Soon you’ll be sitting down to eat your own salad, picking your own flowers for bouquets, and you’ll forget all about those plants that didn’t perform very well for you the last time.