Grow Great Grub! Treat you garden to a new book

I’m more of an internet-using kind of gardener, but I will occasionally turn to garden books when I’m looking for ideas or information. I find I’m more discerning in the kinds of garden books I’ll buy or recommend than any other choices I make in my life. Garden books should be beautiful and inspire you to try to grow-not just a garden-but grow as a gardener. One of my favorite gardening books is Grow Great Grub which is now entering its 5th printing. If you haven’t come across this book yet I highly recommend it, especially for beginner gardeners who are just getting into growing some of their own food.

In Grow Great Grub you’ll find practical advice that’s easy to understand, a couple of garden projects, suggestions for vegetables and herbs to grow and how to use some of the harvest in your own kitchen. Don’t worry if you only have a small space to garden in, this book is aimed at small-space gardeners who want to grow some of their own organic food. After reading the book you’ll start looking at your porch, windowsill, balcony, fire escape and start seeing them in a different way, as places to potentially grow something you want to eat.

Grow Great Grub, by Gayla Trail

Sections of the book will help you understand the type of location you have and what you can expect to grow there, along with information on soil and how to build a garden that’s healthy. The book is full of ideas for gardeners of every budget and there’s something in it for everyone.

Once you run out of planting options in your own garden you may even start looking at other people’s property and start designing a garden for them in your head. Got a small space? No problem, pick up a copy of Grow Great Grub and get inspired to grow something.

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