Help! Italian Dishes Need American Beer Care Package

Gabriele and Debi recently left Los Angeles and moved back to Italy to shoot the next season of Extra Virgin. I saw a few pictures they posted on Twitter and I can’t help but feel a little jealous. Anyway, I was reading Gabriele’s latest recipes and decided to suggest a few beers that would work really well with them; after all, you are planning on trying to make them right? Also, though it’s too late for them to pack and take these beers with them, that doesn’t mean you can’t send a care package!

Let’s suppose you decided to prepare Olive Tapenade for a party appetizer. And I’m pretty sure even the most unskilled chefs amongst you would give this recipe a good run for its money. But what beer to have with a dish that includes some distinct and powerful flavors, like olives and capers and anchovies? I’m going to suggest Russian River Damnation Golden Ale. The wonderful fruity flavors, coupled with some tart and acidic citrus, will marry the food while the alcohol will help tame yet enhance the sharper ingredients and saltiness. Mmm!

Next up, you’re going to try to impress your guests with your grilling skills, making Branzino Al Cartoccio. I recommend you make sure you have some Squatters Provo Girl Pilsner to pop open with this dish. Heck, have one while the fish is still on the grill since it is a low alcohol and refreshing beer on its own. The light flavors and textures of the fish and its seasoning will be heightened by the simple yet flavorful toasty grain and lemony bitterness from the beer. The food will not be overshadowed. Drool!

Finally, a little dessert. Roasted Peaches with Amaretti Filling sounds like a winner. Pair it with Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold American Tripel and you will be all set. If you think the sweet dessert filling pairs well with the juicy roasted peaches, imagine adding a beer with amazing fruity and spicy flavors with enough alcohol punch to cut through the richness and warm you up at the same time. Love!