Extra Virgin Wins “Best Home Chef in a TV Series” at The Taste Awards

When Debi and I started posting our Tuscan family recipes on Youtube about 5 years ago we never thought about “What Could Happen”. It has always been a labor of love and joy, a way to keep our family traditions alive, a game to do with our daughters and a creative outlet… a delicious one!

Then the Cooking Channel came around, and thanks to the vision of Bruce Seidel, at the time VP of programming at the Network, our home project was turned into a real TV show, with all the bells, the whistles and the added production value that it needed. Debi and I had the fantastic opportunity to shoot 26 episodes in the past couple of years; we have learned a lot, we have grown, we have developed so many new fantastic recipes, and we finally got to share it all with a wider audience.

Extra Virgin it has now grown into a point of reference for many foodies, home cooks and regular families alike all over the US, and in a few other english speaking countries like the UK and South Africa. Our website has also been improved and upgraded to a real food and lifestyle e-zine  that is grinding good numbers and is now a hub visited daily by a multitude of fans and regular people alike.

Debi and I are pleased to announce that thanks to your effort in online voting and your campaigning on our behalf, Extra Virgin has won this past week its very first official Award. On Thursday night January 12th we were awarded the title of “Best Home Chef in a Series” at the Taste Awards, Debi also was recognized the “Passion Award”… Yes, we came home with two trophies, which are now sitting at the center of our kitchen table! It was a fantastic fun night that we spend in company of our new foodie friends, Chef Ludo Lefebvre and his wife Kristine who also won an award.

We are extremely proud, thankful and humbled by all this, and we would like to tell you all that none of this would have ever been possible without the incredible support of our fans, you deserve this award as much as we do, THANK YOU!

Debi and I are now finally working on our first Cook Book, it will take some time, but we have great recipes, fun stories and tons of beautiful photography that we cannot wait to share with you. Keep following our adventures, keep posting on Facebook and Twitter, tell your friends and family that there is a new fantastic cooking show on TV that is promising to do great things in the years to come.

Gain Thank You All, from the bottom of our heart!