Finish What You Started

We all know that Argentina probably has more Italians living there than Argentinians. My mind often wonders if an Italian was the actual creator of the Tango. It is a sex filled romp on the dance floor that climaxes at the end with the dip.
The moves embedded in the dance are very flirtatious and sexy, but its how the dance finishes that grabs the desires of women. The same can be said for how you finish a dish.

The Tuscan lifestyle embodies all that is extravagant in simplicity. Luxury and excellence are synonymous with simplicity. If your palate has ever been graced with fresh pasta touched with cream, parmesan and truffle, you are bound by nature to be a fan. Our lives are filled with so much complication in a world where our minds are eternally bombarded by information faster than a Ducati. Isn’t it nice to achieve such a high level of satisfaction with just 3 or 4 ingredients? You can almost aimlessly pull back together your world with some pasta and just a scant few other things,,,,,, almost.

The only thing that stands between you and total consciousness is a better understanding of how to dip your woman and finish your pasta. It would be an exceptional life if we just put 3 things together in a pan, added some pasta and were done. There is a perfect time to say I Love You, a perfect time for a kiss on the neck and a perfect time to add basil over your pasta.

Here are some simple rules of how to finish what you started:
All soft-stemmed herbs should be added right at the end.
Any pasta with cream should be finished with freshly grated parmesan.
Any pasta without cream should be finished with olive oil over the top.
Ill add wine 10-15 seconds before the dish is done.
If I’m adding citrus juice or zest, I will toss that in at the last second.

For every guy out there, if you cannot dip your woman on the dance floor or tear basil over the warm bowl of spaghetti, someone else will.