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Posted 01/09/2014

Spicy Hot Chocolate Coffee

How have you been surviving this brutal cold wave? In case your grandmother’s Snuggie is falling short keeping you warm, here is a recipe that will provide you with the necessary warmth and deliciousness to “plow through” this ice cold weather. Continue Reading…


Posted 07/21/2013

Pappa al Pomodoro (Tuscan Bread Soup)

Welcome to our first episode of the season.
Today, to fulfill the requests of many of you that read the article on People Magazine, we are cooking for you the famous Pappa al Pomodoro!
A brief note about what you will see, as there are two small differences in the way Rosanna and I prepare the Pappa.
She sautes the whole cloves of garlic to flavor the oil, and then she takes them out.
I chop the garlic and I leave it in…I love garlic! Continue Reading…


Posted 05/02/2012

Polenta Pasticciata

Sorry, I have been thinking for a couple of days on how to translate “Pasticciata”. The word in Italian means “Messed Up”, with no particular dedicated shape…
Then the proverbial light bulb went off in my head, and I finally found the immigrant in me! The word Parmesan appeared in my head along with a WTF, but I finally (probably) found the reason for this too commonly used adjective in Italian-American cooking lingo and restaurant menus. From now on, I promise, I won’t bitch about it anymore… Whoever used the word Parmesan first, when indicating the preparation of a dish that requires Red Sauce, Mozzarella and Parmesan, did the only possible thing…linguistically. Hopefully he or she, was also a good cook!
Clean up your kitchen counter and wash your hands, let’s get going. Continue Reading…


Posted 05/01/2012

Shrimp and Zucchini Risotto

Debi and I very often look at each other and say: “We need to go out, We need to have a fantastic dinner and celebrate ourselves, our Love!”. Then we pause.We smile and we say: “Nahhh, what do we make for dinner?”

Do not get me wrong, we love getting out of the house, indulge in a meal that for once is served to us, cooked by others, drink some good wine and then come home to a clean kitchen… no dishes to be done, the kids possibly asleep. Then strip our clothes off and keep on celebrating.  Continue Reading…


Posted 02/01/2012

Nutella Cake

There is no Holiday season without treats!

Let us then present you with a luxurious recipe to make sure your taste buds can celebrate properly this coming Christmas.The main ingredient of this recipe is an Italian stable: NUTELLA!This fantastic hazelnut and chocolate spread is an ingredient that everyone loves in the Bel Paese, and there is not one kid (or adult for that matter) that would not hesitate one second to praise its taste and history. Nutella was introduced to the Italian Market in 1964 by Michele Ferrero, who further developed one of his father’s recipes, the “Supercrema” (Super-cream); in the past few decades its production has reached the incredible number of 179.000 Tons per year… and that’s only for the Italian Market. Nutella is a spin-off of “Gianduja“, a sweet mixture containing 50% hazelnuts and/or almonds and 50% chocolate, developed in the Piemonte region of Northern Italy in the mid 1800s, and its recipe is closely guarded by the Ferrero company. Continue Reading…


Posted 01/14/2012


Let’s not be of any disgrace to the common Italian Stereotype, and introduce this recipe for what it is…
Tiramisu’ is the Italian food equivalent of Viagra, and it comes without the risk of the “4 hours” side effect!
Eggs, creamy cheese, sugar, cookies chocolate and coffee; in the right proportions this recipe will keep you going for a few days. Just remember, in case you have kids, to use decaffeinated coffee (or prepare two separate trays of cake)… On adults the effects of this cake are spectacular, on kids however, it would not be excessive to describe them as catastrophic! Continue Reading…


Posted 01/04/2012

Ribollita (Stale Bread and Vegetables Soup)

Aside from the stale bread, the main ingredient for Ribollita is “Cavolo Nero”, which gets translated into black cabbage. The closest vegetable to the Italian variety (about 3 ft. tall) is Lacinato Kale, which is very similar in color and texture, but lacks the size Italians are accustomed to…
Ribollita is a dish that gets better while it sits, and can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days (no freezer for this one); Therefore the amount of ingredients that we will give you for this recipe will be enough for a soup that can either feed a small army, be an appetizer for 40, or just sit in the fridge for a few days while the whole family nibbles at it. Continue Reading…


Posted 10/12/2011

Carciofi alla Fiesolana (Braised Artichokes)

Artichokes, along with beets and mushrooms represent for me a moment of growth for my palate. I still remember clearly (you know those memories you cannot shake off) my parents trying to force me to eat those tough raw green leaves when I was a kid: they could not convince me, no matter the effort. There are many flavors you get to enjoy in life, only after you have developed a sense, an affinity for them.  I tried to convince both my daughters that Artichoke Leaves in”Pinzimonio” (eating raw vegetables dipped in evo, salt and pepper) are really good for them, and I told them of how Tuscan and traditional the whole “experience” is. They just looked at me sideways and move on. Continue Reading…


Posted 03/04/2011

Farro Salad, special episode from the SoBe WFF in Miami

When I started posting videos on Youtube a few years ago I never thought it could have brought me this far… I just got back from a very intense three-days-food-marathon in Miami, where Debi and I attended the South Beach Wine and Food Festival for the very first time; it was the Oscars of Food, and everybody was there! It was a non stop kermess of flavors and laughs, attendance was at its best, and the perfect weather created the optimal conditions for the festival to unfold; Parties on the Beach, Burger Bashes, Cooking Demos and so much more.

I Was Scared!

As a professional musician I never feared the stage or the spotlight, and with Debi on my side I usually feel pretty confident about myself, no matter what. This time though it felt different; I had to talk, I had to explain, I had to entertain and involve my audience in a way I’ve never done before… using food instead of my drums. Also my bosses were there, you know I kind of like my new job, and really would like to keep it for the years to come; the pressure was on. Continue Reading…


Posted 04/14/2010

Fava Bean Purée and Bruschetta

Fava beans are one of the most common ways that Spring gets celebrated in Tuscany…
A handful of fresh raw beans, a chunk of salty pecorino cheese and a glass of red wine is what we call “Cacio e Fave”; since I can remember I have been seeing everybody around me doing it… my grandfather, my father, their friends and all the farmers and hunters I ever met. The taste of raw beans is definitely something that has to “grow” on you, this is not a kid friendly recipe, due to the bitter back flavor. Continue Reading…

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